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Jintaixin gearbox pool-now online available.

A detailed list of Jintaixin's available gearboxes is now ready for download.Please click to DOWNLOAD.The list will be updated frequently.

     As one of the worldwide acknowledged manufacturers of high-quality gearboxes and gear speed reducers. JinTaiXin products excel by highest precision and reliability as well as excellent quality. Experience and creativity in development, design and manufacture guarantee JinTaiXin products a top position on the international market. Excellent producing technology, sophisticated equipments and ISO9001 strict quality management system contribute to it.
     The company covers more than 80000 square meters and just opens a new factory to keep up with the pace of development. With outstanding quality and good reputation, our products are widely used as transmission-drive unit in industries of metallurgy, mining, construction, crane, rubber, cement, paper pulp and cooling tower and other fields.

     We are equipped with advanced equipments for producing and testing gears, gear shafts as well as gear boxes, for example, 320, 800 and 1500 CNC form grinding machines; 400, 800, 1000, 1200 microcomputer-controlled gas carburizing furnaces; HM800 horizontal machining center and 630 gears testing machines. Gears and gear shafts adopted the high-quality alloy steel going through the treatment of carburization, tempering and profile grinding with a precision grade up to levels 5-6 0f ISO1328, gear boxes made of high-strength cast iron processed stress-relief annealing, and all the accessories like bearings and oil seals are from famous manufacturers, thus ensuring that our products are high-strength, low-noise, lasting and durable.

     And thanks to strong R&D capability and computer aided design, We may also custom gearboxes for your machinery by the requirements.

     We look forward to carrying out sincere cooperation with you. You will be satisfied by   high quality, competitive price and fast delivery.



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