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Jintaixin gearbox pool-now online available.

A detailed list of Jintaixin's available gearboxes is now ready for download.Please click to DOWNLOAD.The list will be updated frequently.

Cranes and hoisting industry



For 350 tons metallurgical overhead crane



For 1000tons metallurgical ladle crane


For building and construction industry



For hydropower station


Conveyor and bucket elevator industry


For belt conveyor


For slat conveyor


For screw and spiral conveyor

For bucket elevator


Rubber and plastic industry


for internal batch mixer/banbury mixer


for rubber refiner machine


for rubber creper and crusher


For rubber calender


Paper pulp industry


For paper sheeter


For paper-pulp digestor


For wood shredder



For paper reeling machine


Sugar making and palm oil industry


For palm kernel oil expeller



For sugar mill drive


For sugar squeeze machine


For palm oil Coil - Fiber machine


Steel plant metal processing and metallurgy industry


For cold rolling mill


For steel cooling bed


For three-roller steel-plate press


For continuous casting machine


For phosphorus-removal cleaning equipment


For Bessemer converter


Environmental protection equipment industry


For mud sludge scraper machine


For volute sludge dewatering machine 


For rotary brush aerator


For paddle wheel flocculator


Cement and mining industry


For cement rolling press mill


For ball mill and coal mill


For mineral magnetic separator


For rotary kiln


 for tube mill grinder


For cracking crusher machine


Harbour portal industry and hydropower station



For harbour portal slewing crane


For hydropower station machinery


for cooling tower


For asphalt tank concrete mixing machine



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