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Jintaixin gearbox pool-now online available.

A detailed list of Jintaixin's available gearboxes is now ready for download.Please click to DOWNLOAD.The list will be updated frequently.

QY QJY tooth-hardened cylindrical crane gearbox


QYD foot-mounted crane gearbox/gear speed reducer


QYS three-point-supporting crane gearbox/gear speed reducer

 QJYD foot-mounted crane gearbox/gear speed reducer


QJY three-point-supporting crane gearbox/gear speed reducer solid shaft output 
-QY and QJY series are hardened-tooth crane gearboxes, QY series include six type (QY3S, QY4S, QY34S, QY3D, QY4D, QY34D), QJY series include 12 type (QJY2, QJY3, QJY23, QJY34, QJYD2, QJYD3, QJYD23, QJYD34, QJYA2, QJYA3, QJYA23, QJYA34). They are mainly used as drive units for crane or hoisting, also widely in metallurgy, mining, cement, cranes, conveyors, textile, and chemical industry, etc. The gearboxes can be supplied as motor gearbox units assembled on baseplates for convenience. Electromagnetic brakes, back stops, clutches, couplings and other mechanical devices can be incorporated in the design to give a complete drive unit.
- Structures: horizontal foot-mounted, vertical mounting, and outputs can realize solid output shaft, hollow output shaft;
- Gears and gear shafts made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel 25CrMnTi, output shaft made of alloy steel 40Cr, the gearbox housing made of high-strength casting iron HT250, may also adopt better material as requested;
- High efficiency up to 98%per stage, low noise <70-80dB, and temperature rise <40-50, and high precision grade up to 6 or better of ISO1328;
- Gears and gear shafts through carburizing and quenching then advanced fine profile grinding process to improve stability and transmit power more efficiently, gearbox housing through aging treatment then annealing to relieve stress twice, therefore the bearing capacity very high;
- Best China bearings used on products, may apply other bearings like SKF, NSK and FAG, and double-lip oil seal make sure no oil leak;
- May custom different models according to clients' requirement.
- Every gearbox 100 percent tested prior to delivery;


QJYD crane gear speed reducer for overhead crane


QYD foot-mounted crane gearbox for building materials industry


QYD foot-mounted crane gearbox for bridge hoisting crane




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