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Main gearbox for open mill blender mill


Gearboxes for the rubber and plastics industry are either mixer gearboxes or extruder drive gearboxes.
Rubber mixer and mill gearboxes are designed to accept fluctuating loads and high powers. The gearbox output shafts are generally connected to the mixer by mill spindles or gear couplings. The twin output shafts are arranged to rotate opposite to each other. This type of gearbox is also used for twin screw extruders, where additional thrust assemblies are incorporated.
Extruder gearbox designs incorporate a substantial thrust bearing assembly on the output shaft to counter the thrust from the extruder screw. The gears are also required to be smooth in engagement so as not to affect the extrusion process by vibration. The input shafts need to be designed for vee belt drive loads and occasional overload from cold starts.
They are available for the following types:
¡öGearboxes for internal mixers - both tangential and intermix types
¡öContinuous mixers gearboxes
¡öTwo roll mixing mills gearboxes
¡öGearboxes for calenders with 2 or more rolls
¡öExtruder gearboxes
¡öGearboxes for cutting shears
¡öGearboxes for BOPP lines - film stretching


ZSFY gearbox for rubber extruder machine


ZSFY combining gearboxes for refiner mill




M series internal batch mixer gearbox for rubber open mill


M series gearbox for internal batch mixer banbury mixer


Main gearbox for open mill blender mill


YM gearbox for internal batch mixer banbury mixer


NL series XSN gearbox for rubber refiner machine




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